Random Pokemon Generator

Random Pokemon Generator

We are presenting the best free Random Pokemon Generator tool. It randomly creates a surprise selection of Pokemon characters, ideal for entertainment, creative inspiration, or just for fun, with the click of a button.

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Pokemon was first conceived in the late 90s, and ever since, it has gone from strength to strength in the field of anime, games, and other media. The Pokemon franchise is renowned worldwide for its huge array of fictional creatures, which amount to well over 800. Not just that, new fictional creatures are being added every day. To add more fun to the gaming experience of the Pokemon franchise, we have come up with a tool that can conjure up Pokemon creatures in a random fashion. Our tool is called the Random Pokemon Generator. 

What Is the Random Pokemon Generator?

Pokemon has ruled the hearts of children and adults alike for well over three decades. The Pokemon franchise boasts a huge list of creatures, and each of these has its distinct attributes. To make the experience even more fun, we have come up with a tool that we call the Random Pokemon Generator. 

What could be better for Pokemon lovers than a tool that lets the users conjure up as if by magic, a random Pokemon from the franchise by the same name? That is exactly what our tool, the Random Pokemon Generator, does. Let us explore how the feat is accomplished by going a little deeper into the applications, uses, and features of our tool.


Pokemon was first conceived in Japan in February of 1996. It is a series of electronic games introduced by Nintendo. Though it has witnessed many changes over the years, it was first known for two characters – Pokemon Green and Pokemon Red. It became a rage in the USA when the Americans first tried it out back in 1998. At that time, handheld consoles were the only means to play this game. 

Let's talk a little about how the game is played. It's a sort of a role-play, and the aim is to put together a team of monsters that go to war with other monsters. The aim is to defeat the latter and become the best. Water and ice are the two types of Pokemon that are generally used in the game. With time, Pokemons that remain undefeated gain strength and new abilities. Further, on winning against Gym Leaders, they get entitled to badges and become famous.

It is pertinent to mention one of the Pokemon creatures that has made Pokemon a household name. The name of this Pokemon is Pikachu. It is yellow and shaped like a mouse. No other Pokemon comes close to Pikachu as far as the popularity levels are concerned.

Pokemon has come a long way since its inception and deserves credit for the fact that it has been adapted as a cartoon series. Further, several books, movies, sequels, toy lines, clothing lines, and trading-card games have been inspired by this game.

How to Use Our Random Pokemon Generator?

Our tool, Random Pokemon Generator, is known for its simplicity of use. The steps involved while using our tool are listed below –

  1. The first step, of course, is opening our tool. Once this is done, the user is presented with a friendly interface. This consists of buttons to input the required information.
  2. The information mentioned in the previous step pertains to feeding the ''Number of Pokemons'Pokemons' input field with the desired quantity of Pokemon. This can vary from 1 to any number greater than the same. 
  3. This is when the ''Generate Pokemon'' button comes into play. After specifying the Number of Pokemon one needs, the user simply has to hit on the ''Generate Pokemon'' button. Within a few seconds, our tool will produce a list of Pokemon that have been selected randomly.
  4. After the generated Pokemons are in front of him, it is up to the user to ''Copy'' the list, which can be used later, or to ''Clear'' the results and reset the generator. The ''Copy'' and ''Clear'' buttons are present to achieve these results. 


Both die-hard fans and the ones who are not so serious about the game can avail the benefits of our tool. Some applications are listed below-

Building Teams

The creation of new teams for virtual battles is the main feature of our tool. If one wants a team with a slightly different edge to it, 

and also wants it to be challenging at the same time, our tool ensures that he gets the same. 

Creating Content

Users who are very active on YouTube would love this tool because it helps them to add a surprise element to their Pokemon video games. 


Our tool is of great help to players of Pokemon games related to role-playing. The generator helps them find their Pokemon at the start, as well as encounters that they will face along the way. 

Use Cases

Challenging Runs 

''Nuzlocke'' runs are taken up by fans at times, and this restricts them to catching only the first Pokemon that they are faced with in each area. Our tool will find out which Pokemon they will be faced with. 

Randomised Playthroughs 

To make their playthroughs distinct and memorable, at times, the players want to infuse novelty into their gameplay. Our tool helps them out in such cases by randomizing the in-game encounters.

It would be our pleasure to discuss the popular Pokemon characters and games, but there are just so many of them that it is beyond the scope of this article to discuss them all. So, we are providing a list of names of the popular Pokemon characters and games that have added spice to the lives of millions all over the world. However, there are a few important ones that we have tried to cover with detailed descriptions. 

Popular Pokemon Characters


Generation 1 of Pokemon saw the introduction of Charizard, which is characterized by the type Fire/Flying. The color of this Pokemon is orange, and it seems like a huge dragon. There is a large wing on either side, the underside of the wings is turquoise. There is a flame at the tail-end, and it is also known for its large wings, head that seems like a horn, and fiery breath. 

A striking feature of Charizard is that it represents the last evolution stage of a Pokemon that was born when Pokemon was first conceived. 

It has been observed that Charizard, being angered, spits fire, which is hot enough to melt rocks, causes forest fires, and can be the reason for extreme pain as far as its enemies are concerned. Furthermore, when it is angry, its tail, at the tip, burns even more aggressively. 


It was first introduced in Generation 1 and is of the type Psychic. Generation 6 games have known 2 Mega evolutions of Mewtwo. Its creation saw years of struggle. That is, it entailed gene splicing of a horrific nature over a very long period, as well as complex DNA experiments. 

Known for its ability to battle at the highest level, it keeps in mind the sole purpose of defeating its enemies and for that, it doesn't move around too much to save energy and when the time comes to fight, it releases its full quota of energy to ensure victory.

  • Pikachu
  • Eevee
  • Snorlax
  • Bulbasaur
  • Jigglypuff
  • Gengar

Popular Pokemon Games

Pokemon Red and Blue

They are known for being the pioneers as far as availability in North America is concerned. That said, the initial version was not similar to its Japanese counterparts. The features of Red and Blue, which consist of graphics, script, and sprite designs, are taken from the Japanese Pokemon Blue. 

They achieved instant success and have been known to be the best-selling games for Game Boy. They go a step further in the sense they have to their credit the fact that they were the best-selling role-playing games that Pokemon has ever delivered.

Pokemon X and Y

It's a Nintendo Game Boy Advance game that has been given a facelift concerning the Pokemon Emerald game. It is interesting to note that a fan of Pokemon designed it. Certain features of Pokemon X and Y remain the same; that is, the name of the town, its location, as well as, the plot are the same as in Pokemon Emerald. It is the Pokemon that have been changed, and the ones to do it are their counterparts from Generation 6. Chespin, Froakie, and Fennekin are now the starter Pokemon.

  • Pokemon Gold and Silver
  • Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
  • Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen
  • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
  • Pokemon Black and White
  • Pokemon Sun and Moon


Unpredictability can be fun and thrilling at the same time. That is just what our tool, Random Pokemon Generator, aims to achieve vis a vis the Pokemon experience. This holds for experts at the games of Pokemon or for someone who has just been introduced to the game. Our tool will take your skills at Pokemon to a new level, and it'll bring you face-to-face with new players. So it's our sincere advice to all to give our tool a shot ASAP.


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