Random Anime Character Generator

Random Anime Character Generator

Discover endless possibilities with our Random Anime Character Generator! Generate unique characters from your favorite anime series with just a click.

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We have designed a tool that can come up with random anime characters and it is only right that we named it the Random Anime Character Generator. Working on projects, especially art projects require a lot of time and patience whilst deciding which anime characters to use, and our tool does the work of giving you a wide array of options to choose from. It, therefore, saves both time and energy and enhances efficiency when it comes to the creation of new designs. 

What Is the Random Anime Character Generator?

Unleash the fun and unleash your creative side, that’s what our tool, the Random Anime Character Generator seeks to do. A writer looking for ideas, or an artist on the lookout for new subjects, can draw inspiration with the help that our tool offers. A lover of anime looking to explore the vast universe of anime will always do well if he decides to check out our tool. Of course, the gender and type have to be decided beforehand by the user himself. Once this is done, the tool will generate endless possibilities to choose from

How to Use Our Random Anime Character Generator?

One doesn’t have to be a Computer wizard to be able to use our tool, the Random Anime Character Generator. It’s very simple to use and it’s fun to see the characters being generated with the help of just a few clicks. Following are the steps in using our tool.

Specifying the Desired Quantity of Characters

The user has simply to visit the webpage of our generator and look for the field which says ‘Number of Anime Characters’, the rest is obvious as he simply has to enter the desired quantity of Characters he wants. 

Hit the Generate Button

It’s time for magic unfolding before your eyes, simply hit the Generate button. Based on the input in the previous step, the tool will conjure up a list of anime characters in a random manner.

Winding Up With the Copy and Clear Buttons

Last but not least, it is the turn of the Copy and Clear buttons. The Copy button on being pressed, will create a copy of the characters list on your clipboard. But there might be times when you are not entirely satisfied with the result and want a different one. In such a case the Clear button comes to your aid and once hit, the Clear button will reset our tool to give you a chance to start from scratch.

Popular Anime Characters

Astro Boy 

This anime character dates back as far as 1963 and its creator was Osamu Tezuka who is fondly remembered for being manga’s father. Doctor Tenma recreated him in ‘Astro Boy’, a famous TV series to take the place of his son. Professor Ochamomizu called upon Astro Boy to come to the aid of humans and Astro’s fellow robots because the Professor thought of him as someone very powerful. Astro was a kids’ favourite as he was known for the wisdom he could impart to them. 

Light Yagami 

The television series ‘Death Note’ was the first to feature Light Yagami. He was known for the fact that he was a teenager filled with knowledge, also he is credited for the fact that he was extremely polite and kind. A very lovable creature, he was a favourite of his teacher as he excelled in his studies. Light Yagami, could write the names of criminals in the ‘Death Note’ notebook and those criminals would die within thirty seconds of his doing the same. He was thus considered as someone who could get rid of all evil in the world. 

Gon Freecss 

Starring in the TV series Hunter x Hunter, he was thought of as the most famous character of the series. Known for his enthusiastic attitude he was close to animals and Mother Nature. The latter helped him develop a keen sense of smell as well as sight and taste. On a quest to find his ‘dead’ father, he wished to be a hunter. His enthusiastic attitude leads to him becoming very arrogant and impatient. Further, he also becomes someone very temperamental. Last but not least, he loses all rationality because he is always out to prove his opponents wrong.

Levi Ackerman 

The TV series Attack on Titan is Levi Ackerman’s claim to fame. Another character from the series, Eren created an explosion where our beloved character was injured severely. When he was fit again he recruited in the army and managed to destroy his enemies. However, this did him more harm than good as he became very blunt and it was difficult to approach him. On the flip side, he gave due respect to authority and was extremely disciplined. His fans know him as the most powerful soldier to have graced humanity. It was said that if he existed in real life he could do wonders in his quest to change the world. 


Since we have been talking about heroic figures from the anime world, it’s only fair that we talk about a character who is known for his negativity but who is just as popular as the ones mentioned above, to try and counterbalance the effect. And in this process, we would like to consider the most dangerous of ‘em all, that is, we are talking of Johan from the series ‘Monster’. Johan has long been known to be the biggest of the villains. To start with his negative traits it is important to mention that he is a serial killer. He is on a quest to kill the entire human population. His devious nature doesn’t stop there because he wants everyone to become the ‘Monster’ that he is. But then, being evil is just one side of him. He too can be considered heroic because he is a risk-taker and would go to the extent of risking his life to meet his objectives. Manipulation is another trait where he excels and is known to have insights into human nature which he uses to expose the identities of the people he has been killing. 

Application and Use Cases


After generating anime characters with the help of our tool you can venture out into a whole lot of activities and exercises. One such activity can be sharing the anime characters with your friends and even on Social media. 

Gaining Knowledge

Some of the anime characters generated by our tool might be ones that you already are familiar with but then new anime characters might come to light. The user can thus explore the latter and add to their knowledge about the same. 

Random Anime Waifu Generator

This is a special type of Anime Generator which allows the user to animate profiles of the user’s wife or girlfriend and therefore deserves special mention.

Creative Writing

Our tool helps in generating anime characters which can be very useful if the user wants to insert the same in a story that he is working on.

Art Projects 

Not just stories, but our tool helps to generate anime characters which can come in very handy in the fields of fan art. Further, if he is trying to come up with an original creation, our tool can come up with new anime characters. 

Games and Trivia

Nowadays role-plays and quiz games are very popular and our tool can help in both fields.



With the vast number of benefits that our tool provides, one would think that there is a huge cost involved while using the same. But the truth is entirely different because there are no costs when using our tool. Rest assured it is free to use. 


This is probably the biggest benefit of using our tool, that is, it saves time. When one is trying to finalize a new anime character for drawing or cosplay, he might find the activity to be time-consuming. But our tool takes care of this problem as it delivers results quickly and easily. 


Our tool works well on most browsers. Be it Windows, Linux, MAC, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Safari, our tool is friends with all. 

User-Friendly Interface

Our tool doesn’t require the user to be a techie. It is designed in a manner that people of all age groups whether they are tech-savvy or not, can use it with ease and comfort. 


If there’s one thing that our tool delivers, it is genuine characters. You can be at total ease as far as accuracy is concerned when using our tool. 

Huge Database 

There is no dearth of characters that our tool can generate, a huge collection of anime is guaranteed, think of a name and our tool will have it in its database.


Anime entertains people all over the world. Its unique manner of storytelling with the help of vivid characters has impressed people of all ages, especially young kids. It both challenges and builds one’s creative side. The die-hard enthusiasts of anime enjoy not only watching anime stories and videos but also wish to create the same. This is where our tool comes in. Other than the fact that it is extremely fast, accurate, and time-saving it helps writers and artists by suggesting random characters which they might not have thought of or even heard of before. The inspiration and the challenge that it provides to them are invaluable. So we strongly suggest that when they decide to put pen to paper the next time they should give our tool, the Random Anime Character Generator a shot.


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