Random NBA Team Generator

Random NBA Team Generator

This is the free online Random NBA Team Generator tool. Immerse yourself in the thrill of American basketball with our Random NBA Team Generator. Discover the excitement of the league by randomly selecting your team and connecting with teams from all across the NBA! Start Randomizing NBA teams now...

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Talk about the most thrilling sports around the globe, and basketball is right up there. The internet gives due credit to this fact and has various tools to make the game even more exciting. One such tool is our Random NBA Team Generator. As the name suggests, this is a dynamic tool that conjures up a random NBA team for the user. And this function is not restricted to just one website. There are quite a few which are dedicated to the task. Wordwall, Random Word Generator, Randomer, and Random List Generator are the main ones that are making life more fun for die-hard basketball fans. 

While we are at it, it’s only right that we discuss the process of how the above result is achieved. It is quite simple – you start by entering a number; that is, the user tells the website how many teams he wants it to generate. The selection process involves the tool selecting teams from the NBA league randomly. When the list is in front of the user, he simply has to download the same. To add to the fun, there are various interactive templates that are used in the selection process. These include – Random Wheels, Anagrams, Flash Cards, Flip Tiles, Open the Box, Random Cards, and Conveyor Belt. 

The above gives us a good idea about the Random NBA Team Generator, but a clear-cut definition would help in getting an even better understanding of the same. 

What Is a Random NBA Team Generator?

It is an application on the web that is created by commontools.org, which performs the function of randomly selecting NBA teams for the user. It is both fun and simple to use and has multiple benefits. It helps the user to decide which team he is going to be cheering for. It helps him narrow his search for a favorite team. Further, this tool can be used for sports betting, fantasy sports drafts, and finally, when it comes to deciding which team is superior, it helps the users out there as well. 

How to Use Our Random NBA Team Generator?

Using our Random NBA Team Generator is a piece of cake. Following are the various steps involved in using the same. 

Specifying the number of teams 

It’s as easy as 123 to use the tool under consideration. One starts by simply specifying the number of teams one needs to generate. The user needs to type in numbers from 1 to 30 since the number 30 takes into account the total number of teams in the league. 

Generate Button

The second step involves clicking the ‘Generate NBA Teams’ button. This is like pressing the ignition button to put into motion the selection process, which, as the name of the tool suggests, is done randomly.

Copying the Results of the Random Search

The ‘Copy’ button is next; that is, it comes into play if the user wants records of the search. The ‘Copy’ button, on being clicked, makes a copy of the search results on your computer’s clipboard. 

The ‘Clear’ Button

Finally, there is even the provision of changing the number of teams. This is done by clicking on the ‘Clear’ button. Once this button is pressed, the ‘Clear’ function allows the user to start from scratch, or even if he is midway through the entire process, it helps him change the number of teams that he wants to generate. In other words, the ‘Clear’ button acts as a reset button. 

Having performed the steps mentioned above, we come to the output. Well, the results are published in the area allocated for the text, which is below the generator. The names of the teams are displayed here. 

Applications and Uses of Random NBA Team Generator 

Cheering for a Particular Team

For somebody who has not yet been exposed to basketball and the thrills it offers, supporting a particular team can be difficult since it would be difficult to narrow down to one team. Also, if the user is planning to learn about and select a team that is not the one he has been supporting in the past, this tool comes in very handy. It is less likely that external factors will distract him when he wants to change the team to support him. 


NBA, like most popular games, attracts a lot of betting. The stakes are high, and our tool can enhance the thrill of gambling by randomly creating a team for the user. It is up to the user, then, whether he chooses to bet in favor of the team so generated or against it. The unpredictability that arises out of such an activity keeps the user on his toes, but then that is what he is looking for. 

Fantasy Drafts

This tool not only creates a team for the user, but it goes a step further. Millions across the globe play fantasy basketball, and this tool can help them in the selection process of a team’s members. It depends on the user whether he wants the tool to do the entire work, that is, select the entire team, or he might want to be the one to screen some of the players. If he follows the latter process, he is surely going to be introduced to fresh faces, which would not be the case had the tool done the screening. 

The discussion on our Random NBA Team Generator won’t be complete without a mention of some of the popular NBA teams that have enthralled audiences all over the world, especially in North America.

Popular NBA Teams

The Houston Rockets

This team is well known for its star-studded performances over the last three decades, particularly their triumphs in the mid-90s, where they won consecutive titles.

New York Nicks

The name says it all. More often than not, the Nicks, with the crowd behind them, play in front of their home crowd, that is, at Madison Square Gardens, New York City. They are known for their commitment levels and are characterized by a style of play that is more physical than any other team. They owe their massive fan base to yesteryear superstars, namely Patrick Ewing and Charles Oakley.

Miami Heat

This team is well known for its back-to-back title wins in 2012 and 2013. They were a force to reckon with and boast of players like Tim Hardaway. They pride themselves on iconic players even in the present day, and the results are obvious; that is, they have a huge fan following.

Chicago Bulls 

If you talk basketball and you don’t mention Michael Jordan, then there’s something amiss in your article. The best of the best, Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to many a victory in the 1990s. As the leading player for this team, Jordan dominated the basketball court. His marketing appeal was no less and resulted in the Bulls becoming a phenomenon on a global scale. Winning became a habit for the Bulls when Jordan was around, and they claimed 6 NBA championships.

Los Angeles Lakers

This is the number one team as far as the popularity charts are concerned. So huge is the fan base for this team that they are often referred to as the ‘Laker Nation’. If the Bulls have Michael Jordan, then the Lakers have Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant. The Lakers probably have the highest number of wins to their credit – 17 NBA championships. The fans look forward to the Lakers games, and these are generally sold out weeks in advance. Their games are frequented by Hollywood celebrities, which adds an international edge to them.


Let’s explore some of the important features of this Random NBA Team Generator Online Tool.

Free of Cost

Basketball fans all over the world love this tool just about as much as they love the sport itself. That the tool comes free of cost has a lot to do with this fact. Since it is a web-based application, it can be accessed from any part of the world, and that is another reason why it is so popular. 

Safe to Use

Another great feature of this tool is that it doesn’t ask for any personal information. Thus, the user’s data is secure. 

Ease of Use 

Like most websites, it doesn’t require a login. All that the user has to do is open the website and click on the ‘Generate’ button, and the results are displayed within a matter of a few seconds. 


There is no upper limit as to how many times this tool can be used. It depends entirely on the user’s satisfaction levels. He can use it as many times as he wants.


The Random NBA Team Generator is characterized by features such as ease of use, free of cost, and, last but not least, it is safe and secure. It is an extremely friendly application that helps in deciding on anything NBA’. Not only die-hard basketball fans but even those who are novices (as far as the sport is concerned) have to have a taste of it because it is designed in such a manner that it helps you enjoy the game many times over.


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