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Text Compare

Online text comparison tool to find the difference between two text files. This online tool is very easy and free to use.

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Text comparisons such as the term itself indicate a comparison between many different texts. Comparisons can make against anything in the text, such as similarities, differences, uniqueness, etc., for example, when you read the Nobel of a new writer. But other novelists have already written on the subject on which the Nobel has written. In such a situation, you can compare the text of both authors by using a text comparison, where the newness, similarity, or difference can detect. It is a text comparison. 

Now let's talk about the text comparison tool. The text comparison tool is an advanced way to compare the text of one file with the text of another file. The multiple features present in it let you know all the necessary information related to the text, like whether the content or text is fresh, how much is different from others, etc.

How Useful Are These Text Comparison Tools

Uses of this tool can realize everywhere. If you are associated with the world of writing, you can get information related to your content with the help of these tools. Whenever you choose a topic for content, you find that many articles have been written on it before. Here, your text must be different and new from the previous text. For this, you can use the Plagiarism tool to find out the uniqueness of your content, or, through this, you can find out whether another text is plagiarism free or not.

Academic works require writing very long paragraphs. In such a situation, you cannot write the same paragraph because it can give a wrong impression of your writing skills. Here's what you need to generate unique content. But you also have to make sure that your ideas have been used before or not. It can also detect through a text comparison tool only.

If you compare documents manually, it can be tedious. It's not an easy task whenever you compare two texts. It can be challenging, or it seems like a long process. Sometimes we share the documents by miss checking where the chances of the messy work increase and double checking come, due to which the work of 2 minutes lasts for 2 hours. Sometimes in a hurry, our documents also get spoiled. In all these situations, options like the Text Comparison Tool are always in our hands. This tool analyzes your files or documents and even merges them wherever you want. The text comparison tool is the best way which works effectively and saves time and effort. Another feature of these tools is that they keep updating over time. You can also bring changes by uploading your documents or files on it. 15 text comparison tools make your work easier and also save times which are as follows:

Best Text Comparison Tools


This is a free text comparison and merging tool that compares including in-place edits files. You can also compare folders and directories with Meld. Customize settings makes it easier and less time to compare text. It is also easy to use. When you open it and compare the text, the changes in the text are displayed side by side & these changes are also highlighted, which can easily catch.

Comparing files on Meld has to go through several parts. These necessary parts also have editors where your files are displayed. These editors show a visual overview and actions around your files, where you can handle changes to the text. On the right and left sides of the window, two small vertical bars hold many colored blocks. The function of these bars is to overcome the differences between the two files. These colored blocks represent different sections like Insert, Deleted, Changed, and Conflicts for your files. It has a segment in the middle of each pair of files that indicates how you can change sections between your files to correspond to each other. You can press the arrows in a segment to replace sections in one file with another & you can change, delete, merge, or copy the text. When you are done editing work in your file, these files need to save. You can save your files by going to the file icon, which appears next to the file name at the top of each file.

Wing Merge

Compare or merge files or Folders; it can never be an easy task. If this work does manually, there is every possibility of mistakes; it is uncertain how much time it will take. Win Merge is a great tool that helps you merge and merge files and folders. It is an open-source text comparison tool that can use free of cost. After opening the software, you can also compare two files or create two new files.

Exam Diff

This is a free file comparison tool that identifies, highlights, or differentiates your text. It is easy to use and additionally has so many convenient features resulting in many users taking advantage of it for a long time. During the text comparison, the tool marks the changes to the file prompting to go through with the re-comparison. You can effortlessly be pointing the comparison panes and customize the Exam Diff as per your requirement. With the help of drag and support present in it, you can also edit the file or text. You can also view it separately and save it for future comparison.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is best for PDF documents. Its features can use to compare two different versions or multiple versions of a text. When you connect with other people on particular files. It can be laborious tracking the revision. But Acrobat Pro DC is a convenient tool that lets you easily and quickly compare text and show differences. Changes in the text are displayed side by side, or if you apply a filter to it, the Alterations remain highlighted in the text. With the help of this tool, you can also create new pdf files and edit them or convert files & one can use it for text recognition.


Compare or merge 2 or 3 input files or directories in KDiff 3 where you see line by line and character b character changes. It also has an automatic file merge facility and integrated editor facilities to solve merged files effortlessly. It supports Unicode, UTF-8, and other codecs, auto-detection via byte-order-mark "BOM" & KIO on KDE.


Again, a free text comparison tool named P4Merge where you compare text using diff and merge features. It tracks and compares your pending works and individual files. Along with this, you can use its features to resolve conflicts. Under P4Merge, we can quickly mark the difference from one difference to another in any document. There are also options for editing text files. In its merge feature, you can merge text from both the versions into a base document & you can compare all three like the original, second draft and the base document. You can easily see the conflicts in these three versions or even show any duplicates without changes.

TK Diff

It is an uncomplicated text comparison application that shows the difference of text in two files side by side. It has many innovative features like diff marks, a graphical map to straightforwardly capture the differences, and a facility for slicing diff regions for exact merging. It is easy to use and can handle by anyone, whether professional or unprofessional. This software design is simple & there is an option of pick where you can compare the text by picking the files. The result can view in a dual-pane window & you notice the differences in the text with blue colors. Here, some features are highlighted, like showing numbers and scroll bars and bypassing white space through which one can go to first, previous and last text.


With the help of this tool, you can analyze the differences in the text of two files. It is a user-friendly tool that compares files and folders. It shows the differences in split view so that; you can easily navigate from one to the other and differentiate the two content. It has a three-way merge feature, which allows you to combine text with a third-based document & here; you can compare your documents & merge the documents in a single file.

Diff Doc

This software is a simple task & uploads the original text or file you want to change, and refresh & comparison can show instantly. Here you can also compare folders and compare changes in the text. 


Talking about the text comparison tool, you can also consider diff merge in it, which is a free tool and gives you full editing support in which you can compare and edit 3 files simultaneously. Talking about its features, it has tabs for reference view and edits view where you can analyze and move scripts. Its merge feature opens in three split windows where you can compare 3 files at once. You can merge folders too.


Diffuse is a simple python based text comparison and merges tool which is free of cost and gives you the option to compare and merge text & edit files. Modification of files for comparison and merge can recover from Git, Bazaar, CVS, RCS, and other libraries & gives you the option of line matching where editing of files is possible immediately.


This is a beneficial and suitable online text comparison tool where you can find the difference in text. Because of its attractive design, you can compare the text of your files by uploading the text, entering the URL, or typing the text. You can view comparable results in HTML reports that can also download. You can take its monthly & annual membership with advanced features like word wrap, native plugins, multiple option profiles, and ignoring options.

Litra Compare

With this, you can edit the text of files of multiple types & which gives you the experience of the changes between two versions of text or files like PDFs, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. You can accept, reject or flag these changes to view later. Talking its main feature is an integrated workflow where you can compare text files on the go or at home in Outlook, the document directly in Word, PDF, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Text Compare

Text Compare is also a free text comparison tool that compares plain text online & compares files such as Word documents, images, PDFs, and spreadsheets. When you paste text from PDF or Word documents, this tool shows their differences or similarities but does not support all types of documents. This tool works on running devices such as Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.


This is also an online text comparison tool with a straightforward layout. You can see the content in subsequent windows that helps to get the difference & to make decisions. It is also an online text comparison tool with a straightforward layout. You can also use this tool for free or download, which works with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

The Bottom Line

Whenever you work on a document and share it with your team, every team member changes that document according to their own. In this case, the original version vanishes. But if you want to capture the difference between current documents from old ones, then this task can be complicated. Then you need such a tool to save the documents and compare the two texts.

These tools compare your text, highlight its difference, & merge the text wherever you want. The good thing is that this text comparison tool compares the text of any documents like pdf or words & everything in between. Some are free or paid on the desktop and are best for programmers and writers. Manually comparing text can be a tedious and lengthy task. 15 such text comparison tools can use to compare two texts easily and quickly get rid of this hassle.

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