Source Code Highlighter and Beautifier

Source Code Highlighter and Beautifier

This is a free online source code highlighter or syntax highlighter tool. You can quickly generate a pretty printed HTML equivalent code for your source code snippet. Generated HTML equivalent code can easily be embedded into your blog, post, email, or website.

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What is Code Highlighter?

Code highlighter is a tool that helps in highlighting the different elements used in a piece of code. The elements are displayed in different colours so they can be easily seen. This easily recognizes the structure and elements of the code. In general, different elements of code such as variables, functions, comments, and control flow statements are coloured in such code is easily understandable.

It is important to understand syntax highlighter or code highlighter never changes the code structure, not its meaning. It only beautifies the source code.

Benefits of using Syntax Highlighter or Code Highlighter

If you manage a programming blog or website that explains how to code, you have to embed source code in various web places on your web pages. Your visitors pay attention to your written code and learn from it. For this reason, you should display your code well on your website or a blog so that your users can read it easily. Also, your written code should provide a better user experience for your site visitors. That's where the job of a code highlighter or syntax highlighter comes into play.

Now let's check out some of the most common benefits of code highlighter.

Improves Readability

Many programmers come across large chunks of code, which can take a long time to understand. There is a role for Syntax or code highlighter in that case. It will be easier for someone to understand and work on the code if there is a highlighter in it.

Easy to Identify Errors and Bugs

It will make it easier for programmers to find errors. A different colour is used to highlight the data types,  variables, functions, etc.  You can easily detect an error if you see a variable's data type or a function name, etc is not highlighted.

Easy to Check Code Structure

Code highlighter also helps in checking the structure of code.  The opening and closing of the braces can be easily matched inside the code structure. In case the brace is left open, it gets highlighted in a different color.

What can you do with this Code Highlighter?

  • It is possible to generate HTML code without the aid of any class. It's easy to create a pre tag with the html language.

  • Online Syntax Highlighter works well on Windows, MAC, Linux, and other operating systems.
  • It works on the majority of browsers including and not limited to Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari

Supported Languages by Our Source Code Highlighter

Our code beautifier supports over 178+ coding languages. Find below the list of most common languages supported by our code beautifier

Language Name Aliases
1C 1c
4D 4d
ABAP sap-abap, abap
ABNF abnf
Access logs accesslog
Ada ada
Arduino (C++ w/Arduino libs) arduino, ino
ARM assembler armasm, arm
AVR assembler avrasm
ActionScript actionscript, as
Alan IF alan, i
Alan ln
AngelScript angelscript, asc
Apache apache, apacheconf
AppleScript applescript, osascript
Arcade arcade
AsciiDoc asciidoc, adoc
AspectJ aspectj
AutoHotkey autohotkey
AutoIt autoit
Awk awk, mawk, nawk, gawk
Bash bash, sh, zsh
Basic basic
BBCode bbcode
Blade (Laravel) blade
BNF bnf
Brainfuck brainfuck, bf
C# csharp, cs
C c, h
C++ cpp, hpp, cc, hh, c++, h++, cxx, hxx
C/AL cal
Cache Object Script cos, cls
CMake cmake,
Coq coq
CSP csp
CSS css
Cap’n Proto capnproto, capnp
Chaos chaos, kaos
Chapel chapel, chpl
Cisco CLI cisco
Clojure clojure, clj
CoffeeScript coffeescript, coffee, cson, iced
CpcdosC+ cpc
Crmsh crmsh, crm, pcmk
Crystal crystal, cr
cURL curl
Cypher (Neo4j) cypher
D d
Dafny dafny
Dart dart
Delphi dpr, dfm, pas, pascal
Diff diff, patch
Django django, jinja
DNS Zone file dns, zone, bind
Dockerfile dockerfile, docker
DOS dos, bat, cmd
dsconfig dsconfig
DTS (Device Tree) dts
Dust dust, dst
Dylan dylan
EBNF ebnf
Elixir elixir
Elm elm
Erlang erlang, erl
Excel excel, xls, xlsx
Extempore extempore, xtlang, xtm
F# fsharp, fs
FIX fix
Fortran fortran, f90, f95
G-Code gcode, nc
Gams gams, gms
GAUSS gauss, gss
GDScript godot, gdscript
Gherkin gherkin
Glimmer and EmberJS hbs, glimmer, html.hbs, html.handlebars, htmlbars
GN for Ninja gn, gni
Go go, golang
Grammatical Framework gf
Golo golo, gololang
Gradle gradle
GraphQL graphql
Groovy groovy
GSQL gsql
HTML, XML xml, html, xhtml, rss, atom, xjb, xsd, xsl, plist, svg
HTTP http, https
Haml haml
Handlebars handlebars, hbs, html.hbs, html.handlebars
Haskell haskell, hs
Haxe haxe, hx
High-level shader language hlsl
Hy hy, hylang
Ini, TOML ini, toml
Inform7 inform7, i7
IRPF90 irpf90
JSON json
Java java, jsp
JavaScript javascript, js, jsx
Jolie jolie, iol, ol
Julia julia, julia-repl
Kotlin kotlin, kt
LaTeX tex
Leaf leaf
Lean lean
Lasso lasso, ls, lassoscript
Less less
LDIF ldif
Lisp lisp
LiveCode Server livecodeserver
LiveScript livescript, ls
Lua lua
Macaulay2 macaulay2
Makefile makefile, mk, mak, make
Markdown markdown, md, mkdown, mkd
Mathematica mathematica, mma, wl
Matlab matlab
Maxima maxima
Maya Embedded Language mel
Mercury mercury
mIRC Scripting Language mirc, mrc
Mizar mizar
MKB mkb
Mojolicious mojolicious
Monkey monkey
Moonscript moonscript, moon
N1QL n1ql
NSIS nsis
Never never
Nginx nginx, nginxconf
Nim nim, nimrod
Nix nix
Oak oak
Object Constraint Language ocl
OCaml ocaml, ml
Objective C objectivec, mm, objc, obj-c, obj-c++, objective-c++
OpenGL Shading Language glsl
OpenSCAD openscad, scad
Oracle Rules Language ruleslanguage
Oxygene oxygene
PF pf, pf.conf
PHP php
Papyrus papyrus, psc
Parser3 parser3
Perl perl, pl, pm
Pine Script pine, pinescript
Plaintext plaintext, txt, text
Pony pony
PostgreSQL & PL/pgSQL pgsql, postgres, postgresql
PowerShell powershell, ps, ps1
Processing processing
Prolog prolog
Properties properties
Protocol Buffers protobuf
Puppet puppet, pp
Python python, py, gyp
Python profiler results profile
Python REPL python-repl, pycon
Q# qsharp
Q k, kdb
QML qml
R r
Razor CSHTML cshtml, razor, razor-cshtml
ReasonML reasonml, re
Rebol & Red redbol, rebol, red, red-system
RenderMan RIB rib
RenderMan RSL rsl
RiScript risc, riscript
Roboconf graph, instances
Robot Framework robot, rf
RPM spec files rpm-specfile, rpm, spec, rpm-spec, specfile
Ruby ruby, rb, gemspec, podspec, thor, irb
Rust rust, rs
SAS SAS, sas
SCSS scss
SQL sql
STEP Part 21 p21, step, stp
Scala scala
Scheme scheme
Scilab scilab, sci
Shape Expressions shexc
Shell shell, console
Smali smali
Smalltalk smalltalk, st
SML sml, ml
Solidity solidity, sol
Splunk SPL spl
Stan stan, stanfuncs
Stata stata
Structured Text iecst, scl, stl, structured-text
Stylus stylus, styl
SubUnit subunit
Supercollider supercollider, sc
Svelte svelte
Swift swift
Tcl tcl, tk
Terraform (HCL) terraform, tf, hcl
Test Anything Protocol tap
Thrift thrift
Toit toit
TP tp
Transact-SQL tsql
Twig twig, craftcms
TypeScript typescript, ts
Unicorn Rails log unicorn-rails-log
VB.Net vbnet, vb
VBA vba
VBScript vbscript, vbs
VHDL vhdl
Vala vala
Verilog verilog, v
Vim Script vim
X# xsharp, xs, prg
X++ axapta, x++
x86 Assembly x86asm
XL xl, tao
XQuery xquery, xpath, xq
YAML yml, yaml
ZenScript zenscript, zs
Zephir zephir, zep

10 Sites to Beautify and Highlight Your Codes

The software that supports Code formatting can be costly. However, free software has been the foundation of desktop experiences for a long time, and the current options are very effective. Software developers can choose to adopt an ad-based model, donations to help keep the program running, and a free/freemium model that requires extra features. Before we move on to this list, let's look at the basics of Code formatting.

An appropriately formatted code will ensure that it is more straightforward to edit later on when designing a website. Particularly, if you're working in teams, code formatting is crucial since it guarantees that your code will be easier to comprehend when future editing or modifications are required.

Code formatting is done using tools for beautifying code. These tools make your code more accessible to other programmers. They can improve the appearance of code in just two or three minutes.

Let's take a look at the tools for beautifying code provided below to aid you in making your code look professional.

It is among the top websites for beautifying JSON code. The process of beautifying is similar to other websites listed on this list. What makes it stand out is the extra options. This site offers a range of options for adding JSON code, including URLs for file import, file import, and export. It also lets you alter the design of the code by hand. And lastly, it also allows you to transform the JSON into XML and CSV files. is a well-known site that helps you beautify JSON, XML, and HTML online. The site has an extensive editor, so you must add the JSON code. You can input, copy-paste, upload a JSON image, or retrieve it from an external URL. After that, it's a simple click to improve it with the JSON code. You can filter it with queries and alter the alignments. After beautifying the JSON, it is possible to export the code as a JSON file. In addition, there are options for converting the JSON into XML and CSV in addition. 


  • Enhance, Validate, and minify JSON code with just one click.
  • Option to choose the number of tabs used to create the JSON code.
  • Option to upload or import JSON document and then download the beautified JSON file.
  • The editor can be customized to suit the alignment, format, and alignment, among others.
  • Generate a Tree View using JSON code. JSON code.
  • Alternative to convert JSON into XML and CSV. is another free website to help beautify JSON code on the Internet. The website follows the two-tab layout, with control buttons in the middle. You can choose to insert JSON code directly or upload a JSON file or import it via URL. You can then choose the tab spaces you would like to include in the JSON format. Once you have that selected, you can beautify the JSON with just one click. If you need to make minor changes, you can do this using the editor.


  • Enhance, Validate, Beautify and Minify JSON code with just one click.
  • Option to choose the number of tabs that will be used for creating the JSON code.
  • Option to upload or import JSON document and then download the beautified JSON file.
  • The editor can be customized to suit the layout, alignment and alignment, among others.
  • There are multiple ways to view your JSON code.


If you're looking for a straightforward website that can beautify your code Prettier is the best option to utilize. Prettier is a code formatter which takes every line of code, eliminates any inconsistencies within the style of your codebase and makes sure that the code output is formatted to the proper pattern by using Prettier's preset styles.

The greatest benefit of Prettier is that you can paste code that is not formatted, which will then be properly formatted on the right-hand side without the requirement to press any button or sit and wait until the site loads.

You can begin using Prettier from the moment you select one of the languages that it supports that including JavaScript, TypeScript, JSX, Angular, Vue, CSS, HTML, JSON, GraphQL, and many others.

Create your editor

Formatting using commands is a great method to start. However, you will get the most benefit from Prettier when you run it directly from your editor, either by using an arbitrary keyboard shortcut or when you save the file. If a line is too long while programming that it's too big for your screen, just press an option, and it will be separated into multiple lines! When you copy some code, and the indentation becomes damaged, then let Prettier repair it for you without having to leave your editor. is a no-cost website to help beautify JSON online. This site has a range of tools to help with JSON programming. You can use a text editor on the left side where you can type it into the editor your JSON code. From the highest point, you are able to enhance the code, make it smaller, and verify JSON. The website also creates a JSON Grid which converts JSON code into tables. JSON code into an actual table.


  • Improve the appearance of JSON code with just one click.
  • Validate and minify JSON code online.
  • Turn JSON code into a Grid View.

Beautify Converter

Beautify Converter is a completely free online code beautifier, which includes tools for a range of software languages and formats for files, like CSV and PDF. It's a straightforward tool which allows you to insert codes and clean them up. Like other websites where you are able to copy and copy your code straight from the source or upload it using an upload file or URL, and then improve and/or reduce the code.

Once you've completed the process, simply take the code out of the box to get the enhanced version. You can also utilize the download option to save the file as a file. is another website that is free to help beautify JSON online. The website is also packed with lots of useful, small features. For starters, you just need to copy the JSON code into the box or upload the JSON document directly. There are options to enhance, validate, and reduce your JSON code. You can also export the redesigned code to the JSON file. Then, moving on to the tiny and useful features, The editor lets users in aligning and filtering the code using an option to alter the mode of view as well. And, if you wish to change the JSON to a different format, you can choose XML, CSV, and YAML conversion.

JSON Formatter and JSON Validator assist in the formatting and validation of JSON Validator helps you format and validate your JSON text. It also offers the ability to view a tree that allows you to navigate through your formatting JSON data.

  • It is used to validate JSON online by using Error messages.
  • The only JSON tool that displays the image when hovering over it is the Image URL in a tree view.
  • It's also a JSON Beautifier that can support indentation levels of two spaces, three spaces and four spaces.
  • Printing Support for JSON Data.
  • JSON File Formatter allows users that allow you to download JSON files as well as download formatted JSON Files.
  • 95 per cent of API uses JSON for data transfer between the client and server. These tools are able to function as API formatter.
  • It supports JSON Graph View of JSON String which functions as JSON debugger, corrector or debugger and can format Arrays and Objects.
  • Locally stores data for the latest JSON formatted in the browser's Local Storage. It can be used as a notepad++, Sublime/VSCode alternative.


  • Enhance, Validate, Beautify and Minify JSON code with a single click.
  • Option to choose the number of tabs that will be used for the formatting JSON code.
  • Option to upload JSON files and download the gorgeous JSON file.
  • The editor can be customized to suit the alignment, format and alignment, among others.
  • The choice to select between several perspectives to view what is the JSON code.
  • The option to convert JSON into XML, CSV, or YAML. is a completely free website that lets you beautify JSON online. This website is simple, with two tabs on the screen. You can copy your JSON code into any tab and then click the appropriate button to make it more attractive in the second tab. The website provides a variety of ways for you to upload JSON code. It also allows you to export the text that has been beautified into an image file. Beyond that, the editor comes with a variety of useful options, such as alignment options filtering such as tree view, code view, and many more.


  • Beautify your code and Minify JSON codes in one click.
  • Option to choose the tabs to be used for creating the JSON code.
  • The option to import or upload JSON files and to download the beautified JSON file.
  • The editable editor allows you to modify the alignment, format etc.
  • Create a Tree View from JSON code. JSON code.

Can you safely make use of an internet JSON formatter?

Security of your Personal Information is very important to us; however, remember that there is no way to transmit information via the Internet or methods of electronic storage are guaranteed to be secure. Additional security measures for websites that use JSON Formatter websites are provided by Cloudflare. is a no-cost website which provides you with a myriad of programming tools that support a variety of languages. It has beautifiers, validators, minify, generators and many more. It also comes with a free JSON beautifier, where you can paste the code directly and transfer it as a JSON file. You have the option to set the Brace Level and Indentation Level. Style of the beautification. Once you've set those options to your preference, You can also improve JSON code. JSON code and then copy that onto the clipboard.


  • This website will beautify JSON code in a single click.
  • Option to upload a JSON file to get codes directly.
  • The Indentation Level as well as Brace Style choices to modify the layout.


This online tool transforms the unreadable or obscured code into neat, properly formatted code. It also adds proper indentation and lines, as well as gaps to codes, making it easier to read.

Additionally, there are numerous other options to personalize the beauty tool in accordance with your personal preferences. For instance, there are options like adding a level of indentation to the script, ending the style and script with the new line, retaining the indentation of the array, and many more.

Free Formatter

Formatter is a free online tool. Formatter is a no-cost online tool that lets you create formats for CSS, JSON, HTML, XML, and SQL. It is possible to cut or paste your code or simply upload it into the interface and modify your code.

You can also adjust the level of indent and break style to make your code more attractive. The results will be displayed as a text field, and you are able to open the text field in a new window. Additionally, you can view a preview version of the code, which is beautified and then copy it to your clipboard using the.


The most common way to beautify your code is the process of reformatting your code to make it more accessible to a human by adhering to certain (user-defined) guidelines, i.e. changing the indentation, splitting your code into lines and adding white spaces in the appropriate spots to make it easier and quicker to read.

Code is structured to convert original code into another. A proper format of code will make it easier and quicker to understand. The formatting styles can vary between programmers. This can include white spaces, code indentation and breaking code into lines, and the position of braces. Certain programmers also prefer using tools that format code in a specific way.

Code beautification can be used to convert the code into a format that is defined by the end-user within a configuration file, such as an assignment operator, or in the case of loops, blocks or loops are included.

Anyone is able to write functional code, but writing code that is readable requires expertise, and a lot of people struggle with it. This eases the burden for an additional developer who will be looking over your code and will not be required to decode your code.

This page presents a free online code highlighter tool to serve your need. Now, you can easily highlight your source code, generate pretty printed HTML, and embed it on your blog, website, or email. Our code highlighter supports almost all the coding languages. Then, why are you waiting!. Generate your beatified code now.


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