Humanize AI Text

Humanize AI Text

Check out this best free online Humanize AI text tool. This AI-to-human text converter can convert AI text written using ChatGPT, Bard, Jasper, GrammarlyGO, Anyword, Articleforge, CopyAI, Writesonic, Al-Writer, or any Artificial Intelligence content writer to human-sounding text, which is free from robotic tone. Start your AI to Human text conversion now and experience the power of this AI nifty tool.

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Humanize AI Text Tool - Best Free Online AI to Human Text Converter



What is the Humanize AI Tool?

Humanize AI is a free online AI tool created by to humanize AI text. Simply put, this tool helps you convert text written using any artificial intelligence content writer to human-like content.

Why is it necessary to convert the AI text to human-like text?

The text is written or generated using AI content writers like ChatGPT, Bard, Jasper, Writesonic, Quillbot, Grammarly GO, etc., which lack the human touch and may sound robotic. This affects the authenticity of the content and may lead to a lower emotional connection with the audience. There are several other reasons one should humanize AI text before publishing online.

Here is a list of a few important ones:

  • Lack of Creativity: Text or content produced using artificial intelligence tools or software solely lacks creativity and, many times, is not suitable for content that requires originality. For example, storytelling, creative writing, etc., are kinds of works that require originality.
  • Low Emotion and Empathy: Text written using AI solely lacks emotion and empathy and can not perfectly tell about one's genuine emotion. People connect with content that evokes emotions. Humanizing AI content by infusing it with warmth, empathy, and personality makes it more relatable and engaging. For example, customer support, emotionally sensitive topics, etc., require emotions and therefore require the human touch or should be humanized for better communication and understanding between individuals.
  • Absence of Authenticity: AI text or artificial intelligence content mostly lacks authenticity as it can't reflect the person's experience or perspective. Authenticity is key to building trust. When AI content feels genuine and relatable, it fosters trust and credibility, increasing customer loyalty and brand advocacy. Therefore, manual human intervention is important in certain types of content like career advice, etc.
  • Limited Contextual Understanding: The text produced solely using AI text writers can sometimes have limited knowledge of the particular type of content as most AI content writers are trained on the general data. Hence, it is important to humanize the AI text to add a better perception and tell about the context.

Quality Variation: The quality of AI-generated text or content can vary significantly, and therefore, fine-tuning the AI model is often necessary to achieve desired results.

How to Humanize AI-Generated Text

Here are some of the practical techniques to humanize AI-generated text effectively before you make it published:

  1. Choose the Right AI Tool: Always select an artificial intelligence tool that aligns with your target audience, content type, budget, available time, and language options. Different tools specialize in various areas, so choose one that suits your specific needs or requirements.
  2. Use Anecdotes, Analogies, and Humor: Incorporate anecdotes and analogies into your AI-generated text to create a shared experience and make it relatable. Humor can also add a touch of personality and engagement and is very important in order to humanize AI text or content.
  3. Add Visuals: Enhance your content with infographics, flowcharts, edit videos, and images, and GIFs to make it visually appealing and engaging. This helps the audience understand your content effectively.
  4. Share Personal Instances: Share your own experiences within the content you write to make it more relatable and authentic. This personal touch helps build a connection with the audience and keeps them engaged.
  5. Optimize for Search Engines: Ensure your humanized AI content is optimized for search engines by using relevant keywords, formatting, internal and external linking, and ensuring fast-loading content. Content that does not rank on search engines is of no use. This is the most critical step.
  6. Editing and Proofreading: Edit and proofread your AI-generated content to refine ideas, correct errors, and maintain its human touch. Make sure it's Grammatically correct, clear, and ready for delivery.
  7. Infuse Your Voice: Infuse your unique voice and personality into the content to make it yours and connect with your audience personally.

How to Humanize AI Text or Convert AI Text to Human Text Online For Free?

If you're looking for a way to convert AI-generated text into human-readable text for free, you've come to the right website. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions, and you'll be able to convert text generated with tools like ChatGPT, Bard, Bing, etc., into a format that's easy to read and understand.

Here are the steps to humanize AI text produced by any AI writer:

  • Open the URL in your preferred browser or search "Humanize AI tool by" in your search engine.
  • Write or paste the generated, produced, or written text using AI into the input text area.
  • Enter the captcha to ensure that you are a human.
  • Hit the "Humanize" button to start the conversion process. The process can take some time to complete as converting the AI text to Human text is complicated. Have patience.
  • Once the process is completed, your output text, which is human-like and free from any robotic sound, is produced.
  • You can now review the humanized AI text generated by our tool. If you are satisfied with the result of the output generated, keep clicking the "Humanize" button until you are happy.
  • Once satisfied with the output generated, you can copy the output result produced, edit and make required changes, and use it wherever you want.
  • Click the "Clear" button to start fresh with the new AI text input.

Thank you for using our free AI-to-human text converter tool. You can use it as many times as you need.

Benefits of our Humanize AI Tool

Humanize AI Tool offers a lot of benefits. Here are a few of them.

Improves Efficiency

The Humanize AI Tool will improve your productivity and efficiency by saving you time and giving useful results. Your work will be completed in a smarter manner in less amount of time. The time you might otherwise take to convert AI-written text to human-written will be saved.

Bypass AI Detection

Our algorithm can bypass most of the artificial intelligence content detectors available in the market. We have bypassed AI Detection of Content at Scale AI Detector,, Copyleaks, Writer, GLTR, Originality AI, ZeroGPT, Crossplag, Content at Scale, and many more. 

Precise Results

As stated in the article, we have some advanced algorithms that do not alter the context of the text and bring a human touch to it. And this is the reason that our tool produces text with almost 100% human score. 

Cost Saving

You do not have to pay anything to use this tool, and there is no limit on the times of usage of the tool. This tool is also saving money for you!

Plagiarism Free

Plagiarism has been a major issue in the field of writing. Whether it is writing for any academic purpose or general writing, your text should be plagiarism-free. Our tool takes care of this issue. It tries to produce 100% plagiarism-free content with complete originality.

No Change to The Meaning

Our tool has an algorithm at the backend that helps retain the meaning of the content that has been entered in the box for humanizing. We do not change the context so that you can readily use the output.

Features of Humanize AI Tool

Here are some of the features of the Humanize AI Tool to provide you with some knowledge about the tool.

Simple Interface

The tool has a very simple user interface, making it simple and user-friendly for anyone to use it. Even if you do not have any prior knowledge of using such tools, you can use this tool. You only need to enter your text in the text box and click on the "Humanize" button. Your work will be done. And you will receive a human-like text as the output.

No Barrier of Language

Well, we have designed this tool so that anyone can use it. Language is not a barrier for the tool. Whether you enter text in English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, or Japanese, your AI-generated text will be converted to human text. So, do not worry about the language. Just enter your text and get the result.

Unlimited Usage

There is no limit to the number of times you can use the tool in a day, week, or month or through any particular device. You can use it as many times as you want, and there won't be any limitations.

No Login or Signup Required

We have removed one more difficult step for you: creating your own account and logging in. There is no hassle of signing up. Simply open the website and the tool and start using it. 

All Browser Support

To use this tool, you can open it with any browser that is there on your device. It can be Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other browser that you have already installed on your system. 


Your content is absolutely safe. This is our topmost priority.

Free of Cost

This tool is completely free of cost and does not incur any charges. 

All Device Support

You do not have the need to open your laptop or computer system to use this tool. You can access the tool from any device. This tool is being supported from any desktop, mobile, tablet, laptop, etc. You only have to open the website and the tool and use it.

Quick and Fast

The algorithm that we are using in this tool can produce the result very quickly. When you click on the "Humanize" button, the output is generated very quickly. We have also optimized the website so that the tool works properly in case of a slow connection, 2G, or even 3G connection.

Sentiment Analysis

This tool does the emotional analysis so that the output that is generated seems to be human-written. Humans have emotions and sentiments, and that is what the tool tries to bring to the AI-written text. It gives the text an emotional touch.

Use of Emojis and Emoticons

Humanize AI Tool includes emojis or emoticons to convey emotions strongly and humanize the text efficiently.

Contextual Analysis

The meaning and context that come out of the output should be correct. We have our algorithm doing this at the backend so that the context doesn't change and you get relevant text.

Who are the potential users of our Humanize AI Tool?

The Humanize AI Tool can be used by many people from different fields, fascinating them, which will make them its permanent users. This tool can be accessed and used by a huge number of users, including, but not limited to: 

Bloggers, Content Writers, Authors

Well, if you use this tool, you will be able to humanize any type of AI-generated text. What can be more helpful if it is saving your time and doing the writing work for you? You will just have to read it once and see if it works for you.


Researchers have to present their findings and research in the best possible manner to make it meaningful and successful. They need to improve the quality of their writing, and it can be easily done with this tool. So, next time, if you are writing a research paper, journal, or any other academic document, do not forget to use this tool.

Marketers and Advertisers

Wouldn't it be great if you had different taglines, slogans, and messages for promoting your products and services every time to different types of people? Marketing people can use this tool to humanize different types of campaigns and promotional stuff. 


Writing is a very important part of student life. This Humanize AI Tool can help the students present the best content in the form of their writing, whether it is essays, compositions, academic publications, research papers, presentations, etc., giving them an extra edge over others.

Developers and Designers

For the developers, there are many things that they write to keep a record of the work. They can use the Humanize AI tool to refine their error messages, comments, and other text that appears on their screen.

Business Professionals

Communication is a very important step in business. And formal writing plays a major role in this. Whether you are talking to clients, sending them emails, reports, presentations, or proposals, you can give a better human touch to everything with the help of this tool. Your communication will not sound robotic and will have a personal touch, which will impress the clients and people within the organization, too.

Public Relations Professionals (PRs)

As said before, the PR Team can use this tool to create different types of messages and statements. This will help in creating a new scenario every time, which will increase the PR value of the person or organization. 

Social Media Managers and Social Media Publishers

Social Media is flooded with posts every now and then. To reach a larger audience, one can use this Humanize AI Tool to bring a more human touch to the AI-generated posts. This way, you can bring in more followers.

Anyone Seeking Writing Improvement

The list of users does not have any bounds. Anybody can freely use this tool. Even if you do not fall in any of the above categories but are willing to improve your writing skills, feel free to use this tool. You will be able to understand how AI-generated text can be converted to human form. This way, you can understand the writing pattern and avoid common mistakes that you might be making.

Humanize AI -Text Tool Capabilities

Here is a table summarizing the capability of our Humanize AI tool to convert AI Text-to-Human Text:

Tool/Platform Description Can our tool humanize AI text generated by this website/tool?
ChatGPT AI-based language model by OpenAI. Yes
ChatGPT AI-based language model by OpenAI. Yes
HubSpot Inbound marketing and sales software. Yes
GPT-3 by OpenAI A powerful language model for text generation. Yes
QuillBot AI-powered paraphrasing tool. Yes
Grammarly Writing assistant for grammar and style. Yes Content generation and optimization platform. Yes
Hemingway Editor Writing tool for improving readability. Yes
ProWritingAid Writing and editing software for authors. Yes AI writing tool for content creation. Yes Content optimization and AI content tools. Yes AI copywriting tool for marketing content. Yes
INK Content optimization platform for SEO. Yes
Wordtune AI-powered writing and editing assistant. Yes
Writer Online text editor and collaboration tool. Yes
LongShot Content optimization and SEO tool. Yes
GetGenie AI-powered copywriting and content generation. Yes
AI-Writer AI content generator for various use cases. Yes
Reword Text rewriting and paraphrasing tool. Yes
Sudowrite AI writing assistant for content creation. Yes
Surfer SEO tool for content optimization. Yes
Growthbar SEO research and analysis tool. Yes
Writesonic AI copywriting tool for marketing content. Yes
Scalenut Content marketing and SEO platform. Yes
Outranking SEO and content optimization tool. Yes
Hoppycopy AI copywriting and content generation tool. Yes
Closerscopy AI sales copywriting tool. Yes
Neutral Text AI content generation platform. Yes
SEOmator SEO audit and analysis tool. Yes
Writer AI writing assistant for brand consistency. Yes
GoCharlie.AI AI-powered content writing tool. Yes
Visla Video storytelling platform with AI-generated content. Yes
HyperWrite Tool for faster content creation and suggestions. Yes AI-powered email newsletter content curation. Yes
Demandwell AI-generated SEO outlines and content analysis. Yes
GlossAI AI video generator for various content types. Yes
Copymatic AI-powered copy and content generation. Yes AI content generator with SEO-friendly articles. Yes
Anyword AI language optimization for marketing copy. Yes
Cohere AI tools for text writing and classification. Yes
Copy.AI AI-powered copywriting tool for various content. Yes
Frase AI tool for research, writing, and content optimization. Yes
Friday AI Automatic creation and rephrasing of content. Yes
Grammarly Real-time writing assistance for grammar and style. Yes
INK for All AI-powered all-in-one text solution. Yes
Jasper AI-generated short-form content. Yes
Lavender AI-powered sales assistant for personalized emails. Yes
Lex AI assistant to unlock your best writing. Yes
Lightkey AI typing assistant for faster typing. Yes
LongShot AI AI for creating longer-form content and keyword research. Yes AI for personalized intro lines in cold emails. Yes
MarketMuse AI for creating better content using web data. Yes
MikeDocuSieve AI-powered contract proofreading for accuracy. Yes
Narrato AI-generated content briefs, outlines, and copy. Yes
neuroflash AI for creating short copy at scale. Yes
NovelAI AI for generating fiction stories based on real literature. Yes
Nyle AI Content Generation Platform AI for generating content for ecommerce. Yes
Outranking AI for writing assistance, search analysis, and workflows. Yes
Outwrite AI-powered writing assistant for grammar and style. Yes AI for generating copy for various purposes. Yes
Persado AI content generation platform for personalized content. Yes
ProWritingAid Intelligent writing mentor for checking and optimizing text. Yes
Rytr AI writing assistant for creating content in multiple languages. Yes
Scalenut AI for scaling content production and automation. Yes
Sembly AI for writing meeting summaries and transcriptions. Yes
Simplified All-in-one design platform with built-in AI writing assistant. Yes
Text Blaze Intelligent writing productivity tool with automated templates. Yes
Text Cortex AI AI for automating marketing, website, and sales copy. Yes
Textmetrics AI-powered augmented writing platform with real-time suggestions. Yes
WebSpellChecker AI-powered spelling and grammar correction platform. Yes
WordAi AI for restructuring sentences, paraphrasing, and improving content quality. Yes
Wordtune AI for writing clearer and more authentic content. Yes
Writerly AI copywriting tool for generating various types of writing. Yes
Writesonic AI for creating articles, landing pages, and product descriptions. Yes

In conclusion, don't miss the opportunity to try out the top-notch free online Humanize AI text tool. It can effortlessly transform AI-generated text from ChatGPT, Bard, Jasper, GrammarlyGO, Anyword, Articleforge, CopyAI, Writesonic, Al-Writer, or any AI content writer into natural, human-sounding language, eliminating any robotic tone. Begin your AI to Human text conversion journey today and witness the remarkable capabilities of this invaluable AI tool.


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